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Wristwatch V1

The wristwatch V1 boasts by its unusual design. It is essential to this wristwatch because of its unique mechanism for the reading of time.

Thus, this wristwatch has indeed a very classical hand for seconds, but the minutes are expressed by a black disc and a small pyramid and a fixed pointer in stainless steel (the pointer is located on the right site of the minute wheel of this wristwatch). The wristwatch displays the hours by a small silver-colored disc, posessing a cutted stripe which allows the view to the base plate made of carbon. The stripe has the shape of a pointer (here he points to 10 clock). So this wristwatch is really unique.

The black silicone rubber-band of this wristwatch is combined with a stainless steel folding clasp. The crown of this wristwatch is made of stainless steel and is filled by a FELDO brand sign. The wrist of the watch is fitted with a cover plate in bordeau red color below the double anti-reflective sapphire glass.

Technical data:

  • Wristwatch diameter of 45 mm
  • Stainless steel case, black plated (PVD)
  • Japanese quartz movement (Miyota)
  • The wristwatch is driven by a 10-year battery
  • Pressure-resistant up to 5 bar (50 m)
  • Weight 95 g (including bracelet)

The wristwatch comes with:

  • Wristwatch FELDO V1
  • 22 mm wide, black silicone rubber strap in "tire" structure with stainless steel folding clasp
  • Box (coated with black piano lacquer)
  • User manual


A wristwatch for a long time has been regarded only as a piece to show the time. One can now say that again increased emphasis on design comes back, so a wristwatch is worn as an eye-catching piece of jewelry. So we wristwatch v1 candle lighthave created this wristwatch V1.
The International wristwatch - offer is almost endless. A wristwatch is for many  persons just a commodity. Others choose a wristwatch as a matching jewelry. For some ladies and gentlemen, a wristwatch is sometimes a status symbol. A wristwatch is an accessory that is used for image building. Depending on the imgage, it is a wristwatch with a more or less daring design. Trend-like fashion-conscious buyers will be addressed.

The movement of a wristwatch is a complex entity, which provides wristwatch v1 dinnercontinuous hard work. Even with the quartz drives. Therefore it is necessary to maintain this part of the wristwatch.  So it is advisable for example to keep the wristwatch away from strong magnetic fields. Also, chemicals and strong sun ray are harmful to the wristwatch. Because of these circumstances the wristwatch should be in a revision process at regular intervals.
The exact time of maintenance depends on the actual condition of the wristwatch. It is also important that a wristwatch V1 on the beachwristwatch is regularly exposed to water, now and then examined for their continued resistance. The real commodity in a wristwatch, the bracelet itself should be changed every two years.

If you buy a wristwatch from us, you can have automatic ones or others driven by long lasting batteries. It´s your choice.
Automatic wristwatch: When you flip your arm to check the time, you generate the power to keep your wristwatch going. It is a self-winding wristwatch (a masterpiece of engineering). Here you can find the ultimate automatic wristwatch.
Quartz wristwatch: A battery-powered digital wristwatch (in this case) offers a  10-year-period of displaying exact time. If you never have been a big fan of traditional and looking standard wristwatch you will like this kind of watch. Look how it functions and is designed, how FELDO has put this whole thing together.

It is a wristwatch of great quality and lasts a long time. However, the watch strap, made from rubber may loose quality or even break after some time. Thus, a replacement watch strap may help you to keep your wristwatch in good condition even after the original strap's lifetime is over.

Please see the adjacent video. It can be started by clicking on the picture. In general this wristwatch (like all the other wristwatches of V-series) is delivered with a rubber wrist strap. This bracelet has a standard size. When the wristwatch is shipped an average band width is set. To set this width to fit to your arm or wrist circumference, you can loosen the axle of the bracelet, pull out the axle and place it into the next wider or less  wider opening in the rubber bracelet slide. Thus you can vary the size slightly. If you make a significantly greater change (by a few perforations), you have to cut one or more parts away from the rubber strap.

Video player

Note: Cut off is cut off and can not be re-added later. Think about this twice before starting to cut, how many parts you cut off the rubber strap. The strap of wristwatch of course centers it on the wrist. You should therefore be shure that you move the axes evenly on both sides of the bracelet of the wristwatch and you have to cut off on both sides of the bracelet for nearly the same number of rubber segments. The procedure for modifying / adjusting the bracelet size (setting and / or shortening) is shown by the video.

Of course, we also offer other additional bracelets  for this wristwatch. You can order them depending on your taste (in our onlinestore) and let change them by your watchmaker or you can do it on your own. Again, this process is simple.

Video player

You only have to loosen the two secured axis by pulling out the strap-mounting screws of the horns on the wristwatch, remove the bracelet. Put the new strap with the openings between the horns, slide the mounting bolts through the openings and fix it with the bolt screws on the opposite side. various wristwatch bracelets

Please note that on each side of the wristwatch a screwdriver has to be used. Proceed very carefully (to avoid any scratches). By ordering an additional wrist strap a small screwdriver set is attached.

We as a manufacturer ever sell strictly a wristwatch within box, with papers, warranties and serial number (1- series). Each wristwatch is guaranteed new and never worn previously, unless clearly stated as "Second-hand" or "Refurbished". We are able to ship anywhere in the world. Our repair department is located in Switzerland and our storehouse is in Spain. You can buy the wristwatch direct online in our online store or if you are located outside Europe, you can buy the wristwatch at one of our distributors.

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