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Why luxury products from Feldo

Our reputation has been built by talking about or because someone has worn one of our luxury products. Nowerdays we focuse our main sales activities of luxury products to the web. So, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing, feeling, or better owning, a FELDO, here are some reasons for to change this.

Unmatched Value

We are a Spanish-German company and we want to design and produce premium quality luxury products not only for the very rich persons. To achieve this, we have inverted the usual business model used by other luxury the of our development always goes upbrands. The manufacturing costs of our luxury products may be similar to theirs but that’s where comparisons end.


Our marketing spends as a percentage of the luxury products price is a fraction of our competitors and we may not, therefore, reach as many people as quickly as our competitors. The traditional brands are sold through third party retailers. This means that their wholesale prices (already inflated by huge marketing costs) are then doubled by the dealer before the final price tag is attached. Our way of selling luxury products is different. We ever are focused on saving all side-costs. So you as a customer buy the luxury products directly from us as the manufacturer. Finally, because we want as many people as possible to enjoy the pleasure associated with wearing of truly luxury products we ensure that the cost benefits of our business model, are shared with our customers.special marketing
We’re proud to have established close relationships with some of the finest parts manufacturers in the world (for example for luxury watches: swiss movement maker Soprod, japanese movement maker Miyota).
Assembled By Hand
Nearly all luxury products of FELDO are handmade or assembled by hand or both. This makes the luxury products a bit higher in  price and sometimes you see some small failures. But on the other hand all these handmade products are unique.

Try It Out FirstTry It Out First

We understand, that you as a customer have a bit fear to order luxury products online in our shop, that have a sales price of thousand and more euros. We ever try ro be the serious ones. So it is possible to have a sample for viewing and evaluating first (on products priced over 500 euros).

Free Returns For UP To 14 DAYS

It’s very simple and part of our guarantee. If you want to return one of our luxury goods, for any reason at all, you can send it back to us absolutely free of charge and we promise not to quibble or cause a fuss of any sort. You have up to 14 days to make up your mind about any order. As long as we receive the returned luxury products within 14 days of the receipt of your order, we’ll exchange it or give you a full refund, no questions asked.