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The First Prototype of a Wristwatch

This is the area where the company turns its efforts to achieve quality and perfection that are the hallmark of the most exclusive manufacturers of Swiss watchmaking.

What's in a wristwatch that can cost such high prices; the complications of the wristwatch mechanism. The development of a wristwatch may require some years. In this period, watchmakers made the prototype of the new piece. Once developed a new model, we must build the components. The disparity is explained by the complex parts of the wristwatch.

Wristwatch components are manufactured in brass, nickel and steel. Virtually all the pieces are hand finished and polished with different trim levels.  It is characteristic the  polishing of waves, pearls, beads, circular or spiral, which have a decorative function. Some pieces are so tiny that the polishing is done with the ear. So, our wristwatches are equal but not identical because they are handmade and each one has its own personality.
As in a puzzle, with all the parts the next phase is the assembly. One of the main difficulties faced by watchmakers is the friction of the parts. We must find the middle point and materials that require as minimal lubrication as possible. The working area of for these parts of the wristwatch resembles an operating room with workers wearing masks and dust level is minimal.

Before being delivered to its owner, every watch passes strict quality controls over 500 hours which will check the performance of its mechanism. The client's relationship with the brand does not end with the sale of the wristwatch, we can say that is when it starts.