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The Concept

The conceptual planning of designer watches is important to maintain a product. This implies all the market points of view about designer watches and the analysis of commercial tendencies. Our knowledge of quality is the result of our long experience with the combination of high quality designs and an exclusive commercialization. Our designers and engineers create products dreamed by our clients responding in this way to their individual needs.

Thus, we have managed to reach the objective of a great effectiveness and to meet the market tendencies. Our force lies in preserving and increasing the value of luxury products. It represents a great motivation for us to see the result of the production. We maintain a positive attitude towards innovations and changes, in this way we keep on developing and evolving. The best thing of our job is the variety of products we are able to create, what makes it very interesting. Our personal motivation is a surrounding of creative and innovating work, which is translated to a continuous improvement.

The best part of our job is to provide our clients the best service. This produces a direct reaction and a great satisfaction to us. In this planning phase, the sketches in CAD drawings are made and next the materials of manufacture are chosen. This is how we obtain the final image of the product. Some of the materials we use for the designer watches are stainless steel, gold, titanium or alloys. For the strap of the designer watches we use single noble materials as leather or rubber. The quality of the skin of the strap is fundamental for its durability. Referring to the closing of the watches, these can be with buckle or clasp (simple or double). Color is also very important for these articles.

Therefore, before manufacturing our designer watches, there is a long process to choose desings, materials and parts of the watch. After many modifications, we are ready to obtain just the first conceptual prototype.