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Tests for the Timepieces

Once we have the final prototypes which will turn into future real timepieces, they will have to pass a number of tests and controls successfully to be ready to be finally manufactured.  Timepieces are mechanical devices and as such they are expected to work properly with no margin for errors.

Our company, and therefore our timepieces, has a reputation to boast about, and this reputation also has a price. It is not only a price in terms of money but also a price in terms of effort. We have to make sure that our timepieces are exact mechanisms because this is what we are offering our customers, this is what we sale, this is what our reputation is based on. If our timepieces have a price is because their characteristics and complications deserve it.

As watchmakers we put special emphasis in that everything is perfect, the timepieces as a whole and also all the little parts that are part of them, and that everything works perfectly well in combination.  We have to make robust pieces inside and outside and which are water resistant.

We are very professional and we take the test phase very seriously. Any timepieces that do not pass any of the tests will be discarded and analysed to know what the flaws were. In FELDO we have a name for a reason.