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Swiss Watch 1-3

In the Swiss watch 1-3 we find two original carbon fiber discs; one is used to indicate the hours and the other is used to indicate the minutes. The carbon fiber layers used for the discs are one of the thinnest you can find in the market. The Swiss watch 1-3 presents a special design concerning the hands of the watch. These have a very innovative design. They are not like the regular hands you usually find in watches. They are made of stainless steel and blue at the point and they are made of medical steel. All this gives the Swiss watch a very fashionable and special touch.

The Swiss watch has a stainless steel bezel that contrasts with the black color of the carbon fiber discs. The crown is also stainless steel and has the logo of Feldo. In the same way, the hours are also marked in stainless steel. The case is of a big size according to the last trends in the market of watches, and it is also stainless steel with stainless steel screws at the sides. The Swiss watch presents a beautiful combination of blue, black and stainless steel colors.

The crystal of the Swiss watch is also special and very resistant. It is made of such a crystal that you will not even notice that it is there. What you will be able to see clearly is the logo of Feldo and the inscription “Swiss Made” on the stainless steel bezel.
In the back part of the Swiss watch you have the number of the model you have bought and the symbol of Feldo.

Technical data:

  • Swiss watch with a case of 45mm diameter in stainless steel and black.
  • Swiss mechanism
  • Power autonomy of 42 hours.
  • Soprod A 10 movement
  • 22mm genuine leather bracelet
  • Water and depth resistant

The Swiss watch comes within a lacquer covered box with a spear leather white bracelet, a microfiber cloth, warranty, certificates, and manual of instructions.

Our Swiss watch model 1-3 has been created with a design that can be combined together with other complements such as the cufflinks and rings which are its better complements. Our Swiss watch 1-3 is a Swiss Watch 1-3 at the marinaclassic model but we have introduced some novelties in it related to its design which make this Swiss watch slightly different to the others models of the Classic Collection. Our designers devoted all their efforts to produce a special Swiss watch that would be more sophisticated that the previous designs. They wanted to Swiss Watch 1-3 3D-Showcreate a more innovative piece that survived to the pass of time and to the changing trends in fashion. The Swiss watch is a young and accurate watch that has a big case following the last trends in watches.

As in all our models for a Swiss watch, we have also included a bezel which has the logo of Feldo and an inscription with the words "Swiss made". These two features assure you that you are purchasing a Swiss watch of the best quality. Our brand gives you the security that the best high quality materials have been used in the manufacturing of the Swiss watch 1-3, and the inscription “Swiss made” offers you the certainty that it has the best and most accurate mechanism a watch may have. This combination gives way to the creation of a piece which will give you a touch of distinction and elegance.

Our Swiss watch is designed to surprise our customers. It is a stunning piece of technology. Our goal is to please all our buyers, which means that you are the number one priority for us. The Swiss watch1-3 follows the design of the classic line watches and from there we designed the other watches of the collection introducing new features. Time is a constant in our lives, it is impossible to avoid and forget, and there is no better way to Swiss Watch 1-3 perfect for dinneralways remember it than having a look to this Swiss watch on our arm. A Swiss watch that reminds you how valuable time is. Easy and quick to read due to its big size, our Swiss watch is the king of watches.

A precious and beautiful complement that will give you a touch of distinction. This is the effect that the Swiss watch 1-3 has on you and it has been achieved combining style, design and a high accurate mechanism. Swiss Watch 1-3 poolsideWhen we created the Swiss watch we were thinking in pleasing you in all possible ways. You will mark the difference. You will feel self-confident and important and you will transmit these feelings to others, who will notice it and respect you.

This Swiss watch is made in Switzeland and Germany, and patented in Switzerland. It is a refined product, which incorporates very high techniques. The hands, the numbers, the bracelet, pins, glasses, and the movement of the Swiss watch are produced especially. The production of the Swiss watch not only requires high concentration and manual dexterity at the highest level of all persons involved in the production. Everybody working in the company is engaged in creating the perfect Swiss watch.

Our Swiss watch comes within a luxury case and it is delivered with papers, warranty and serial number. You can buy our luxury jewelry via online, in our storehouse in Spain or with one of our retailers if you live outside Europe.

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