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Warranty / Repair

FELDO guanrantees high quality materials as well as durable products. Nevertheless, we recommend to treat our designer watches with a special maintenance every four or five years (normal wearing). For any reparation or maintenance service, we beg you to contact with your local FELDO dealer.

Contact with FELDO´s official dealer

If it is necessary to repair your watch or jewelry, you should send the product to FELDO's official service in Switzerland (for watches) or Germany (for jewelry) after contacting our technical department. Please, always enclose the valid international guarantee together with the watch and its original packaging (if possible).

Customer Service Departments

For watches maintenance / repair:

FELDO Customer care (watches)

Synergies Horlogères SA

Zaunweg 6
2502 Bienne

Tel. : +41 (0) 32 343 30 80
Fax. : +41 (0) 32 343 30 81

for jewelry:

FELDO Customer care (jewelry)

INCUS Goldschmiede

Kirchstraße 40
59823 Arnsberg-Oeventrop

Tel. : +49 (0) 2937 827588
Fax. : +49 (0) 2937 827589