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Rights and Registration

While most businesses realize the interest in using trademarks to differentiate their products (timepieces) from competitors, not all are aware of the importance of protecting them through registration. The registration of a trademark gives the company the exclusive right to prevent others from marketing identical or similar products with the same brand or using a confusingly similar mark that may create confusion.

If the company does not register the mark, the investments made in the marketing of a product may be unsuccessful because their opponents could use the same or a confusingly similar product as to sell identical or similar ones. If a competitor adopts a similar or identical mark, consumers might mistakenly buy the competitor's product. This not only diminishes the company's profits and confuse your customers, but also damage your reputation and image, especially if the rival product is of inferior quality.

Given the brand value and the importance a brand can have on the success of a product to market, it is crucial to ensure that it is registered in the relevant market or markets. Also, a license on the trademark could be granted to other companies, which would represent an additional source of income. Trademarks may also be subject to franchise agreements. A brand that enjoys a good reputation among consumers can also be used to obtain funding from financial institutions, which are becoming increasingly aware that the commercial success of firms depends largely on the marks.