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Marketing - Men's watches

The marketing plan for our men watches should follow an ordered scheme to carry out the necessary actions as appropriate. It is discussed here the number of items to be included in a good marketing plan, the ideal is to consider one by one the men´s watches and see their relationship with our products, to conduct an analysis of the characteristics of our situation.

In fact, the marketing plan should be an essential part of the business plan, be included in it and always be consistent with such basic items as the vision and business mission of the company. There are a number of steps that we follow in our marketing plan for men´s watches.

Step 1 .- In this part, we detail the products, the men´s watches. What do we sell and to whom and how? We have to analyse in depth our product (strengths and weaknesses),
                improve it,  and see who it is destined for.

Step 2. Demand for men´s watches. We have to take into account the factors, the  trends, and the social and cultural needs of our customers for men´s watches.
              Also, their economic conditions are important.

Step 3. Analyze the conditions of competition: financial resources, strengths and weaknesses, strategy, etc. Analysing the competence and making comparisons we can see our
             weaknesses to correct and improve our product and be better than the competence. If the y have a good product, we need to have a better one.
             Our men´s watches have to be unparalleled.

Step 4. Positioning of the product through promotion, advertising, and public relations. We need to make our men´s watches known and famous by their quality and characteristics.

In general, these steps and many other are useful for us to manufacture the perfect men´s watches that our customers are looking for.