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The Designers

The founders and designers. Their ideas are incorporated in all designed pieces created by FELDO.


Hilmar Vielhaber - Feldo Luxury

After finishing his studies with a master engineering degree he started his career in 1995 in industrial paper production as mill assistent. After two years he got responseability as production manager. In 1999 he quit this engagement and founded PCE together with two associates. PCE now is one of the leading european companies in the field of measurement and weighing equipment. A large variaty of measuring apparatus, scales and balances is produced and sold by PCE.

During these 13 years of industrial activities the idea grew up to transform the experiences in mechanics, electronics and development of measuring instruments to luxury products. So in 2007 Vielhaber founded FELDO together with José Garcia (associate of the spanish and italian PCE).

The main focus of FELDO lays on design and production of luxury products with extraordinary technical features.


José Garcia - Feldo Luxury

In 1998 he finished his studies in mechanical engineering and started his career as constructor in an automotive company. At least he was engaged in development of parts for formula one racing. In 2002 he founded PCE Spain together with three associates. Nowerdays PCE (with departments in Germany, Spain and Italy) is an important manufacturer and supplier for various industries on the field of measuring instruments and weighing equipment.

Nearly simultanious Garcia comes to the decision to use the industrial experiences while designing luxury goods. In 2007 he co-founded FELDO to turn ideas into real products. These products ever show a very special technical extra.