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Wristwatches For Men And Women (quartz and automatic)

It`s promised - FELDO changes the world of wristwatches. Our wristwatches are presented through several collections, the Classic Line, the Fashion Line, the Sports Line, the Limited Line and so on. In the manufacturing of our wristwatches we have put all our efforts together to create something luxurious combined with classic lines or innovative lines to please all our clients. Our luxury watches combine then the newest materials with a traditional Swiss mechanism. All our collections of wristwatches have their own particular features. Different materials have been used for each collection and apart from that you also have the possibility to choose yourself some of the characteristics you want in your watch such as the colors and the bracelet.

Wristwatches V1

Wristwatches V2

Wristwatches V3

Wristwatches and Jewellry

Wristwatches 1-1

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Wristwatches 1-5

Wristwatches and Jewellry Collection

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We try to please all our customers so you are able to find the perfect watch for you and the wristwatches that suit pretty woman with wristwatches at dinnerto every occasion. One of the most used innovative materials for the straps of wristwatches nowadays is carbon fiber. It gives a touch of futurism marking a contrast with the classical but still fashionable genuine leather is a matter of choice according to your likes or dislikes.In Feldo, you have the last word to decide which piece adapts better tou your style, personality and occasion.

Our wristwatches are destined to a particular customer who is Boy at the beach with Wristwatches able to recognize and appreciate their uniqueness and all the qualities that we have put together in the creation of these watches: materials, design, and mechanism.
Our wristwatches are the result of the long work of watchmakers and engineers who have worked separately but also together to give birth to such unmatchable pieces of art. People working for Feldo never stop thinking and innovating creating new collections and Businessman at the poolside with Wristwatches models to satisfy our demanding clientele. We are excited about what we do and we add feeling in all our wristwatches.

Our wristwatches are not only used by their functionality but also for their appearance and look, becoming an essential complement at every time and occasion. A world without jewelry would be a boring world. We, with our luxury jewelry spice up your world turning it into a more exciting and luxurious place. You can feel yourself powerful wearing our wristwatches. Do not reject this feeling. Feel at the top of the world wearing our luxurious jewelry.

At the beginning, the watch was a decorative element that knights wore proudly on their jackets, showing off its design or machinery. They were not very popular among men, who preferred the pocket watch an disdained wristwatches because they thought they were complements that women used as a jewel. The first wristwatches were produced in the late nineteenth century. The Europeans, in particular the Swiss people, took the lead in building wristwatches but since then, the Japanese were have become the first in this videoThe, it was after the arrival of digital and quartz wristwatches, that attention focused more on functionality. Today, wristwatches have recovered their place and are no longer limited to being a functional element. Wristwatches  provide a high ornamental value. Therefore, the luxury brands, looking for exclusivity, design and elegance, are gaining strength in the watch video

Wristwatches can be one of the following types: analog, with only hands, digital, which has only numbers on your screen, or mixed, whose hands and numbers on the screen.

We as a manufacturer sell strictly wristwatches within boxes, papers, warranties and serial numbers. All wristwatches are guaranteed new and never worn previously, unless clearly stated as "Second-hand" or "Refurbished". We are able to ship anywhere in the world. Our repair department is located in Switzerland and our storehouse is in Spain. You can buy the wristwatches direct online in our shop or if you are located outside Europe, you can buy the watches at one of our distributors.

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