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Design Watch V3

Our design watch is a unique piece that watch lovers must not miss. It is a must-have. Our design watch is considered as belonging to the category of basics. The concept of basics refers to something simple but necessary. It is required to have a basic watch in our collection of design watch.

Although apparently simple in its lines, our design watch is a very thought model. Its design is a beautiful one. It is the results of many studies and great efforts to create something superb. We must not confuse simple with dull. Our design watch is simple but sophisticated. You only have to look at it for a few seconds to realize this. Observe the way in which the design watch marks the time. Observe the rotating disk that tells you the minutes in a very original and exceptional manner.

Our design watch is mainly black, elegantly black. Only the orange color in its hands and in the numbers that mark the minutes breaks this color. There are also some stainless steel screws around the bezel, merely visible. The strap comes also in black color.

Technical data:

  • design watch with a 45mm case
  • stainless steel case-black PVD
  • double sapphire crystal –scratch resistant
  • Miyota mechanism
  • Water resistant to 5 bars
  • 22mm black silicone strap

The Design Watch comes with:

  • Wristwatch FELDO V1
  • 22 mm wide, black silicone rubber strap in "tire" structure with stainless steel folding clasp
  • Box (coated with black piano lacquer)
  • User manual

Our design watch has a very youthful and fresh design. This design watch will catch your attention due to its simple design but at the same time complicated mechanism, a nice combination that addresses to young spirits. The design watch is a basic inside our extensive range of watches that you cannot miss.

In the world of watches there is usually a division between elegant or luxury watches and casual or sports watches, but in our design watch we have been able to combine the best of these categories to create a nice watch that suits to all occasions. It is a design watch that would create the new category of the basics so well known in the world of fashion now.  The basics are all those complements that start building your fashion look and that are essential in your wardrobe.

This is an essential design watch due to its simple lines but still special because of the complication we introduced in its mechanism. Besides it is a very original piece that marks the time in a different way. Our design watch is simple but not dull at all. It is something very thought about. Our technicians gathered and worked for long hours to create the model of our design watch.

When we decide to create a new model of watch, our goal is to create something that it is almost alive and that it is able to transmit many feelings and sensations. We wanted to give life to a design watch that marked a difference. Something special and innovative. As we have said before, a design watch that has life and personality on its own.

We are manufacturer and we sell strictly the design watch within a box, with papers, warranties and serial numbers. Our design watch is guaranteed new and never worn previously, unless clearly stated as "Second-hand" or "Refurbished". We are able to ship anywhere in the world. Our repair department is located in Switzerland and our storehouse is in Spain. You can buy the design watch direct online in our shop or if you are located outside Europe, you can buy at one of our distributors.

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