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Automatic watch 1-4

In the automatic watch 1-4 we find an original design in the exterior and also in the interior of the case. There is one central stainless steel disk surrounded by a carbon layer disc and another external disc with orange arrows pointing to one more disk where we find the minutes marked with orange numbers. The hours are marked in the right side of the internal stainless steel disk where the corresponding hour appears with an orange number. The carbon fiber layers used for the discs are one of the thinnest you can find in the market. The automatic watch 1-4 presents a special design concerning the hands of the watch. These have a very innovative design. They are not like the regular hands you usually find in watches. They are black and orange at the point and they have a sophisticated shape different to classic hands in watches. All this gives the automatic watch 1-4 a very special touch.

The automatic watch 1-4 has a stainless bezel that contrasts with the black color of the carbon fiber discs. The crown is also stainless steel and black and it has the logo of Feldo. The case is of a big size according to the last trends in the market of watches, and it is also black and stainless steel in the sides. The automatic watch 1-4 presents an attractive combination of black, orange and stainless steel colors.

The crystal of the automatic watch 1-4 is also special and very resistant. It is made of such a crystal that you will not even notice that it is there. What you will be able to see clearly is the logo of Feldo. In the back part of the automatic watch 1-4 you have the number of the model you have bought and the symbol of Feldo.

Technical data:

  • The special watch has several divisions with different finishes.
  • The area where the numbers are is a thin disk made of genuine carbon. 
  • The special watch has a double sapphire crystal, scratch resistant, nearly invisible and an with an anti-reflective coating. 
  • Body of the special watch in polished steel 
  • Watch Diameter 45 mm 
  • Miyota clock mechanism of 21 rubies 
  • Automatic and possible manual winding 
  • 21600 vibrations per hour
  • Duration when idle of approx. 40 hours 
  • Crown in stainless steel and silicone plastic (black ring that holds it) 
  • The bottom plate of the special watch is fitted with sapphire crystal and comes with the serial number, item number and mark FELDO. 
  • Sealing with a pressure up to 5 bar. 
  • Weight included with the belt is 105 gr.

Supplementary Kit Contents:

  • Automatic watch1-4
  • Stylish box (in black) 
  • Microfiber Cloth for cleaning 
  • Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Instructions 
  • Warranty certificate

The automatic watch 1-4 comes within a box with a microfiber cloth, warranty, certificates, and manual of instructions.

The automatic watch 1-4 is a modern and sophisticated automatic watch that you cannot miss. You can tell many things about people by the watch they wear.  The automatic watch 1-4 is a watch directed to people Automatic Watch 1-4 perfect for marinawith a young spirit, active, dynamic, elegant but not boring. The automatic watch is daring and with a modern twist in its design but always within the classic line. It is a high quality timepiece that meets the highest standards. The lines of this automatic watch 1-4 reveal youth and a strong character, qualities that are transmitted to the wearer.
You can feel the youth and power of the automatic watch 1-4. You can feel how other people look at you and you can notice the admiration that the timepiece will awaken. An innovative Playing golf with Automatic Watch 1-4and powerful piece of craftsmanship that will definitely leave an impression. When you decide yourself to acquire a timepiece, you are probably looking for functionality without leaving apart design. Our automatic watch 1-4 is manufactured to meet these features. It is a timepiece that has a complicated mechanism together with a very fresh style. A superb combination that merges giving life to an innovative creation in the world of watches.

It is not easy at all to make up one´s mind when we are deciding what watch to buy. The market of watches is so extensive that you will find a great variety of timepieces. You will have to do some research before making up your mind and decide what automatic watch to buy. We reassure you that our automatic watch 1-4 will meet all your requirements. We have not forgotten any detail in the manufacturing of the watch. This is the reason why the result is so full of youth and dynamic.

The size of the automatic watch 1-4 makes it a big watch following the last trends in the market of watches. It has the most revolutionary design within this classification of classic watches. With a classic but still youthful design, the automatic watch 1-4 is innovative in all possible ways. It is not a watch you see every day. It catches the attention of peopleAutomatic Watch 1-4 at pool due to its refinement and classic but at the same time new lines. Although it may be perfectly worn with jeans and a shirt in a more casual look, the automatic watch is also very appropriate to wear it with formal clothes to add elegance to your business look.

Be able to hold the time in your hands with the automatic watch 1-4. Time is valuable and so is our timepiece 1-4.  A piece of machinery to preserve. An example of good engineering. It has been manufacturer in Switzerland and Germany taking advantage of the best of these two worlds.

As manufactures, we sell our automatic watch within elegant cases, with papers, warranties and serial numbers engraved. Our products are guaranteed new unless the opposite is clearly stated. We are able to ship anywhere in the world. Our repair department is located in Switzerland and our storehouse is in Spain. You can buy our watches directly online in our shop or if you are located outside Europe, you can buy them at one of our distributors.

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