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Be switched on – Mens watches

FELDO mens watches have an special quality and are easily distinguished by their perfect and original design. The materials used for these mens watches are the best ones on the market. The idea of the first mens watches was born by a first hand drawing. That first drawing was improved and changed up to get the picture of the piece which was intended to create. All these procedures are always carried out by experienced mens watches makers (engineers and designers).

You can be sure that FELDO items, both mens watches or other products designed by our engineers have been perfectly manufactured and designed. Only these mens watches with their special characteristics ensure the existance of the brand. The Know-How protection of the mens watches is very necessary due to the fact that they are easily copied once they are sent to the market. It is very difficult to establish an efficient protection against counterfiecing when it is done too late. So the mens luxury and stylih watches / products are design protected.

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Mens Watches

Our mens watches will seduce you by their extraordinary design. Many watchmakers bring the mechanism to the front. Often, the important characteristics are new complications.FELDO mens watches are designed using the best mechanisms. Our attention is on the different technical representation of the time so nowadays, mens watches are used firstly to know the time and then to be a jewel.

mens watches 2Let us go back to the impact of mens watches along the history. Every night clothing becomes more important with the right watches. Mens watches are always strange, nice accesories. Fashion designers show a lot of strange shapes for the mens watches. Diverse colours, shapes and measurements are created and combined together with different materials - modern mens watches. In this way, it is possible to create the right mens watches for every custormer.

In all mens watches we always can find a good functionality, an extraordinary design and a special technical feature. These properties are protected by a patent or a protection of the design any time a new mens watches design is created. This protection right has been made by a Swiss institution and it meets the European and World standard. This fact highlights the singularity of mens watches and it also certifies their exclusivity. These mens watches are characterized by including a quartz . This quartz element is used to perform the necessary pulses at regular mens watches dj boogie pimpsintervals to measure time with the mens watches. Quartz uses to be cut as a sheet and introduced inside a cylinder which is used to protect this material. The quartz crystal hast to vibrate inside mens watches mechanisms. Therefore, it must be powered by an oscillating magnetic field generated by an electronic circuit. This is the main difference among other mens watches (hourglasses, etc..) where pulses are physically or mechanically generated.

Quartz stabilizes the frequency which allows the mens watches to measure the time. The vibration of the crystal generates an electrical signal with the same frequency. This new oscillation supplies power to the circuit correcting frequency deviations. Quartz mens watches are not only digital but also there are some  using quartz mechanisms together with mens watches hands. The picture on the right shows a member of the boogie pimps wearing the V1 (one of the mens watches).

The manufacture of mens watches must meet specific measurements to within a thousandth of a millimeter. It is inevitable that such a mechanism is subject to a certain amount of deterioration over time. All the mens watches, as much mechanical models as automatic ones, will therefore require inspection every four to five years, to verify the accuracy of the internal components, to clean the mens watches and possibly to adjust the mechanism. Depending on the retailer, this overhaul could be done by their watchmaker.
The watchmaker can request sketches of the mens watches to assist with the overhaul, allowing them to manipulate the mens watches accuracy. If they require a spare part, they can request them directly from us. Doing an overhaul regularly ensures the mens watches retain their value and that it will continue to be enjoyed by future generations.

Baselworld is the world leading event for the mens watches. More than 2000 exhibitors for mens watches, jewellery, precious gems show their newest products. Many world-famous names in the mens watches industry choose to show products exclusively at BASELWORLD. Basel is your only chance to see their very latest creations.
mens watches feldo v1A show designed to give you a complete market overview and provide you with a business platform for mens watches. Every year over 100,000 retailers make the journey to Basel to visit this presentation of the latest trends of mens watches. Don't miss the unique business and networking atmosphere at the world's leading mens watches. In Basel (Switzerland) are presented every year many brands of mens watches and are presented such as: Dior, Hermés, etc.. FELDO produces mens watches for men that can be used at any time.

Our mens watches are a dream come true. Regarding the reduced areas technique, our new mens watches are actually masterpieces. The particular processing of our mens watches using selected materials and precious stones is responsible of providing our mens watches with a luxurious high confort as well as refined appearance. The newest Feldo mens watches are combined with high technical designs.

We as a manufacturer sell strictly mens watches within boxes, papers, warranties and serial numbers. All mens watches are guaranteed new and never worn previously, unless clearly stated as "Second-hand" or "Refurbished". We are able to ship anywhere in the world. Our repair department is located in Switzerland and our storehouse is in Spain. You can buy the mens watches direct online in our shop or if you are located outside Europe, you can buy the watches at one of our distributors.

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