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Discovering The Luxury Watches Collection

If you are looking for different and modern luxury watches (with a Swiss mechanical movement / classic line) so soft that you can hear it, you will find them among FELDO luxury watches. The luxury watches are made with care, great detail and combining the most advanced design with both the most modern materials and a traditional Swiss mechanical machinery (Classic Line) driven by the stored energy in the tension of a metal spiral. Despite the quartz machinery accuracy, its movement do not convey the same feelings. That is electronic versus mechanics. Also on the quartz movement site, we offer some models of luxury watches. In the fashion line, we sell luxury watches of a very stylish and modern design but without having automatic movements. These luxury watches are driven by Miyota / Citizen movements.



LUXURY WATCHES of Sportive Line

LUXURY WATCHES of Limited Line

LUXURY WATCHES of Limited Line

Details of the LUXURY WATCHES Limited Line

Although both lines of watches are practically the same, every has its own special touch thanks to mens-luxury-watchesthe finishing materials and provide them with personality. It is also possible to choose between series of carbon fiber scraps and other  luxury watches with different colours and materials which offers a large number of combinations. The size of these fits both male and female wrists.

The most common material of luxury watches is the carbon fiber which FELDO has developed creating an innovative design which combines luxury, elegance and the technology of unique watches. All models are equipped with precise movements.

Thus the products are born and at first sight they don't seem to be for everyone. Nevertheless, the special client who loves luxury watches with modern designs, elegant materials and great technical refinement, immediately understands that these fine products correspond to their desires.

During a lot of months, our engineers have developed revolutionary designs with new concepts both in their luxury mens and ladies luxury watcheswatches form and design. We are continuously extending its wide range of products and we can offer you a great number of attractive proposals. Our new exclusive fine models have a special “plus”.

Our luxury watches are a dream come true. Regarding the reduced areas technique, our new luxury watches are actually masterpieces. The particular processing of our luxury watches using selected materials and precious stones is responsible of providing our watches with a luxurious high confort as well as refined appearance. The newest of our luxury watches are combined with high technical designs. The time in which
luxury watches DJ BoogiePimpsluxury watches were only used to dial hours and minutes has passed. Nowadays, luxury watches are attractive complement for any ocasion even for the most important events in life.

Overhauling of automatic luxury watches: 
Each manufacturer of must meet specific measurements to within a thousandth of a millimeter. It is inevitable that such a mechanism is subject to a certain amount of deterioration over time. All the luxury watches, as much mechanical models as automatic ones, will therefore require inspection every four to five years, to verify the accuracy of the internal components, to clean the watch and possibly to adjust the mechanism. Depending on the retailer, this overhaul could be done by their watchmaker.

We as a manufacturer sell strictly luxury watches within boxes, papers, warranties and serial numbers. All luxury watches are guaranteed new and never worn previously, unless clearly stated as "Second-hand" or "Refurbished". We are able to ship anywhere in the world. Our repair department is located in Switzerland and our storehouse is in Spain. You can buy the luxury watches direct online in our shop or if you are located outside Europe, you can buy the watches at one of our distributors.

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