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Automatic Watches - Discover the Excellence

Our automatic watches are exceptional pieces with a unique technology. Automatic watches are those whose mainspring is wound in an automatic way by the natural motion of the wearer´s arm. This motion provides energy to run the watch.
Recently, a lot of products have appeared in the market. Some of the manufacturers dedicate all their work to the mechanism forgetting that these pieces have also a decorative function. They are also used as accessories in jewelry. Some of these products have awful designs that nobody likes. We cannot either go to the other extreme, where too much importance is given to the look of the automatic watches because the final result is a watch with no quality at all.

Automatic Watches of Series 1-1

Automatic Watches of Series 1-2

Automatic Watches of Series 1-3

Automatic Watches of Series 1-4

Automatic Watches of Series 1-5

Automatic Watches 1-5

Automatic Watches Collection

Details of the Automatic Watches  1-5

We have seriouly surveyed the market and the customers. We have been looking for answers about  what is expected from such automatic pieces and what designs people would like to buy when they purchase these pieces. We have combined technology and design to create a waAutomatic Watches also good at the beachtch that satifies our clientele in all possible ways. The mechanism of the automatic products is like the heart of the watch. It gives life to the watch. Our automatic products have been created to be precise pieces of engineering. As we considered our bodies the vessels of our souls and therefore we need to take care of it, the case and the bracelet are also very important parts that we have taken good care of.

Hence, we already have the body and the heart of the automatic watches and we have worked hard to make the two parts complementary. The appropriate union between the two parts to make the perfect watch. Ours seem to be living objects with their own personality.Automatic Watches good for dinner

There are different automatic pieces for different personalities and characters. We have several models that adapt to different likes.  We have played with several materials and colors combining them to give life to all our designs. Our automatic models are very different to the others in the market. In these models we have introduced a very different design of the hands and the markers of the hours. These new models are anyways as attractive and innovative as the others types we have. They are state of the art creations that deserve the admiration of those people who love such kind of products.

If you want to find the perfect gift for a friend, a relative, a beloved one, or even if you want to treat yourself, our automatic watches represent the ideal present. They are the appropriate gift that everybody would like to receive and that everybody would be pleased to give. A superior present that will astonish everybody.

Our automatic watches are able to transmit many feelings to those who dare to wearing them. They represent a job well done. Behind them, there are the efforts of many minds working together with the only purpose of giving light to perfect products. They are at the top of the market and they are able to compete with any other pieces from the competence, no matter who Soprod drive of the Automatic Watchesthey are. This was a challenge that we set ourselves, to create the best automatic products that have ever existed. We are very happy now that we have the result in our hands and we are certain that these automatic pieces will please all our clients.

We as manufactures sell products within elegant cases, with papers, warranties and serial numbers. Our automatic pieces are guaranteed new unless the opposite is clearly stated. We are able to ship anywhere in the world. Our repair department is located in Switzerland and our storehouse is in Spain. You can buy  directly online in our shop or if you are located outside Europe, you can buy the products at one of our distributors.

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